Sparkling ‘whole bunch’ Gewurztraminer 2021

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Introducing our new traditional method sparkling & one of our more experimental wines to date. We combined our  great love for gewurztraminer, with Gabe’s favourite winemaking method, whole bunch fermentation (or techn...

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We picked our gewurztraminer by hand, which was then fermented in whole bunches before pressing. After bottling, it sat on it’s yeast lees for over 18 months (which produces a fine natural bubble). Gabe then riddled each bottle and released the sediment by hand.
Fermenting the fruit in whole bunches, is what intensifies the fresh fruit flavour & colour profile, championing all those original characteristics we love about 'traminer. The process, along with using the traditional sparkling method, is a labour of love, but with big dividends. As soon as you open the bottle you get waves of aromatics.The result is dry and textural with exotic tropical fruit flavours & turkish delight. Enjoyed best as a stand alone drink or with your favourite fatty cheese.