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Our first grafting of Prosecco was in 2006. Since then, we’ve spent the last 16 years trialing and developing different growing styles (i.e trellising, pruning) to bring the Prosecco grape to it's full potential. The techniques developed over the years have helped us in our mission to produce that crisp citrus flavour, and an ideal balance of acidity and sugar at harvest.



Our Prosecco base wine is made from 100% free run juice after harvesting. This is the purest part of the grape, with no crushing or pressing of the fruit. 

By using only free run juice, we avoid the extraction of any astringent or harsh flavours from the grape skin and seeds; leaving us with only the pure and delicate flavours of the Prosecco grape.



In a market where the majority of Prosecco is now sparkled using the industrial ‘Charmat tank method’, we're taking things back to handcrafted. Our boutique style Prosecco is produced using the ‘Traditional method’ for sparkling; where secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle.

Bottle fermentation results in a yeast sediment (called Lees) being left in the bottle. The lees will remain in the bottle, as the Prosecco ages for up to 18 months. 


It’s the ageing on the lees which allows a weighted texture to develop, a finer bubble and a complementary yeast complexity. 

After ageing, each bottle of our Prosecco 'Zero Dosage' is carefully riddled and hand disgorged to (remove the lees).


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