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Sparkling ‘whole bunch’ Gewurztraminer 2021

Sparkling ‘whole bunch’ Gewurztraminer 2021

Young Gun of Wine- 'Danger Zone' Award Winner 2023!


Introducing our new traditional method sparkling & one of our more experimental wines to date. We combined our  great love for gewurztraminer, with Gabe’s favourite winemaking method, whole bunch fermentation (or technically, carbonic maceration). 


We had no idea how this was going to go (hence a very small batch was made). But it’s evolved into an exotically fruity, almost punch-like, aromatic sparkling. And really, a never-had-before way of experiencing what we think is a super underrated variety.


Fermenting the fruit in whole bunches, is what intensifies the fresh fruit flavour & colour profile, championing all those original characteristics we love about 'traminer.

The process, along with using the traditional sparkling method, is a labour of love, but with big dividends. As soon as you open the bottle you get waves of aromatics. The result is dry and textural with exotic tropical fruit flavours & turkish delight. Enjoyed best as a stand alone drink or with your favourite fatty cheese.


How we made it: We picked our gewurztraminer  by hand, which was then fermented in whole bunches before pressing. After bottling, it sat on it’s yeast lees for over 18 months (which produces a fine natural bubble). Gabe then riddled each bottle and released the sediment by hand.






"This is sparkling wine made by the traditional Champagne method, but with a cab-mac ferment to kick off, and utilising the less classic sparkling variety, gewürztraminer. This is aromatic, as you’d expect, with typical notes of rosewater and lychee, though subtly so, but also with some bold notes of yellow plum, mango and tangerine. That exuberance is substantially moderated by iced peach tea and matcha notes, a gentle grip to match the fizz and a puff of talcy perfume to finish". 




Danger Zone: Cavedon’s 2021 Sparkling ‘Whole Bunch’ Gewürztraminer

The Danger Zone is the only trophy in the awards that goes to a wine: with the criteria being around wild originality, risk and reward – the best, most daring wine.


“Dangerously delicious!” declared awards panellist Nick Stock. “A riot of aromas, flavours and uplifting juicy fruit. Effortless enjoyment in a guise we’d not ever seen; drinking this you wonder why it’s taken this long to discover. We were so seduced by the wine and also by the idea of the wine. There’s genius in playing the inherent qualities of the variety to deliver such great impact.”


“Gorgeous aromatics of Turkish delight and roses, this is a brave endeavour that will delight fans of pét-nat, even though traditionally made,” said panellist Abby Moret. “This is such a wildcard of a wine… Somehow, Cavedon have managed to capture the inherent weight of gewürztraminer, while retaining a freshness and drive that is crucial for this to work. Perfectly balanced, impeccably crafted, this sings in the glass and provides a new, much needed revamp of a classic but out-of-vogue variety – a really exciting wine that calls for friends, picnics and another bottle.”


ALC 13.5%

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