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Prosecco Pet Nat 2021

Prosecco Pet Nat 2021

Again this vintage, Gabe ventured outside the box a little with Prosecco. We wanted to craft a new way to experience the Italian classic, using our take on the Petillant Naturel or ‘Pet Nat’ style. We've used some of the best of our top notch Prosecco grown from a small block in our vineyard- creating a wine that’s festive, fresh, and delicious.


Pet what?

The Pet Nat method is an ancient sparkling method, that uses minimal intervention and finishes fermentation in the bottle. It’s a natural sparkling style that’s typically cloudy, with a light natural fizz- best drunk young.


In the bottle, it’s fresh, juicy, dry & festive. A little fruitier than what you might expect from the classic Prosecco, with tropical fruit flavour echoing long after the first sip. Thanks to a cool 2021 vintage & lots of TLC to our vines, there’s plenty of moorish natural acidity that rounds off nicely with a smooth finish. Perfect for a backyard bbq, picnic in the sun & balmy evenings.


10.5% alcohol.

Young Gun of Wine Review:

“The alcohol on this pét-nat, which is similar to the traditional Col Fondo styles of the Veneto, is surprisingly low, sitting at 10.5%, but that’s not something that really presents in the glass, with ample flavour of green apple, Williams pear and white florals. What that cooler ripeness does is take away the overt fruitiness of the grape and give it a little savoury tension, which is backed up by the pulpy texture of this cloudy, textural expression.”


*Store away from sunlight.

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