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Albarino 2022

Albarino 2022

As aromatic & as refreshing as the first vintage, our Spanish white is back for its fourth vintage! This style is zippy, dry & light, with the most distinctively refreshing aromatics of white peach 🍑, grapefruit 🍊 & lemon zest 🍋.



It’s classic citrus notes and moreish natural acidity are what’s distinctive about the variety & what makes it a perfect partner with food from the sea. The crisp white peach aromatics are as evident as ever this vintage, which is what we love about it the most (and do our best to encourage in both vineyard & winery).



You could say Gabe & Albarino have history. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with the variety and graft over a small block in 2018 to start making small batches for himself. And now we’re sharing some with you. It’s uncommon to see Albarino grown out of the King Valley, but the cool growing climate here is perfectly suited to Albarino, and has set us up to craft it to the variety's distinctive characteristics. After a pretty stunning first vintage in 2019, we couldn't be happier with the decision to give this variety a shot!


Made without oak, just pure Albarino goodness that we grow here on the farm. After picking, we cold soak the fruit to unlock more of those classic aromatics, then it’s straight into stainless steel tanks to keep everything fresh & crisp 👌


Single vineyard. Alc 12.2% 

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