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Adelia Prosecco NV

Adelia Prosecco NV

From starting Cavedon wines with traditional method sparkling & deliciously complex prosecco, comes another modern classic to our sparkling wine line up. Our Adelia Prosecco (named after & inspired by Nonna, Adelia Cavedon) is our second take on a fresh, bright & genuinely classic prosecco.


It’s a crisp & pure example of the prosecco fruit we’ve been growing here since 2006 & a new staple/member to the Cavedon core range. We made Adelia Prosecco especially for easy, everyday drinking. One not only to pop for celebration in good company, but to break out midweek or mix into a spritz.


Tasting: Think elderflower, lemon sorbet & crunchy apple. It opens to a beautiful wave of florals & green orchard fruits with zesty, moreish acidity and a touch of minerality.


Adelia Cavedon. The woman behind the name. 


“We released Adelia Prosecco to celebrate Nonna’s contribution to our family’s legacy, our heritage & the first generation of farming that Cavedon wines is built upon.


Nonna (like nonno) was an Italian immigrant, migrating from Northern Italy to the Oven’s valley in 1950. She was the pillar of determination behind what kept our family resilient in the early (and often challenging) days of farming tobacco.


To Dad (Dino), she was an ever-present home of encouragement & support. Always ready to sit at the table & listen, with a wise word of assurance over a glass of wine & bowl of minestrone. She inspired forward thinking and encouraged our family to take on the opportunity of grape growing in the late 70’s; optimistic for the prospect it might give.


Nonna was a woman of few words, who was somewhat in the background, but was the quiet inspiration behind building our family’s legacy. She not only encouraged resilience for a brighter future for our family, but embraced celebration, community & friendship, which is part of what we wanted this prosecco to embody.” 



Making it:

Gabe selected our fruit from across several different blocks, in an aim to bring about an array of subtle flavour profiles in the wine. Next, it was made using the free-run (unpressed) juice, meaning less bitterness from the skins and more of that delicate fruit flavour that the Prosecco grape is known for.


10.5% Abv.


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